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Unbossed! Private coaching is for birth workers who want personal guidance and close mentorship as they birth their vision of entrepreneurship through the lens of reclamation, authenticity, and equity.

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You seek to merge and leverage your previous education, experience, and lived experiences to transition into birth work.

You're determined to build a decolonized lifestyle rooted in rest and self-care over burn out.

You desire to build a socially conscious business in a community with like-minded birth workers.

You seek personalized mentorship and tangible tools, resources, and feedback to level up your personal and professional life.

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You desire mentorship around applying training received: i.e. how to prepare for prenatal sessions, securing clients, finding your doula team etc.  

group coaching

Receive two 90 minute mastermind sessions with Birth Manfiesta Founder and CEO, Tanzye Hill. These monthly small groups consist of only 3 spots and fill quickly.

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private coaching

Receive one-on-one personalized coaching sessions from Birth Manifesta Founder and CEO, Tanzye Hill. Available in packages of two 30 minute sessions or three 60 minute sessions. Don't wait. Start changing your life today.

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